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The Collections

Katy Rose Vintage
Lady Onslow 

The debut collection, Lady Onslow is named after a very inspiring lady indeed.  My wonderful Irish Nannah lived until she was 103 and was resident on Onslow Gardens, Muswell Hill until 2013.  She lived at number 76 for 75 years and was affectionately known on the street as "Lady Onslow".  Originally from Loch Cairlinn (Carlingford Lough), I chose this colour blue in celebration of her seaside roots.  

RIP Nannah Susana 1910 - 2014.

Not particularly as inspiring as the naming of the Lady Onslow Collection, but this is after the cat... "Lady" Jemima as she no doubt believes herself to be.  The colour is Jazzberry, so originally it was called Jazzy Jemima, but the more "refined" name has now transformed into just Lady Jemima.

Katy Rose Vintage
Lord Wilbur 

The other cat Wilbur! (as seen in the background).

Likes tormenting Jemima.  Enough said!

Inspired by the beautiful sunsets you get over the African Highveld...

Katy Rose Vintage
Chair Bags 

Growing up in South Africa, the Chair Bag was an institution in itself, especially in Primary School! It allowed us to store our books & pencil cases in one place, reserve your spot in the class, & then transport it easily when you moved up a grade at the end of the year!  If this is the first time you have heard of Chair Bags, they have a pocket & an overhang to hold it securely on the chair. 


I love this idea of storing things, but I thought it would be fabulous to create some vintage-style ones that are a bit nicer looking than the green standard-issue ones we had at Primary School. 

My Chair Bags are made from vintage and curtain fabrics salvaged from various thrift shops, Nannah's linen cupboard, and even some crochet lace sourced when I was on holiday in Sydney, Aus! 

Giselle Rose

Inspired by a life-long love of Ballet since the age of three, the Giselle Rose Collection allows a little ballerina (of any age) to have some ballerina pink decor to match their pointe shoes.  Mrs L, this is dedicated to you in recognition of all your hard work inspiring us to be the best we can be.




Katy Rose Vintage
Lady Jemima
Katy Rose Vintage
African Sunset 
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