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Katy Rose Vintage

KRV was established in 2014 as I love the idea of taking something that has been loved before and transforming and rejuvenating it into something that will be loved again.  So it is with pride that I say that all KRV pieces are individually selected for their charm, shape and unique detail. They are then cleaned, tightened, fixed, filled, glued, sanded, steel-wooled, painted, wallpapered, distressed and waxed!  

Growing up in Joburg, I take my inspiration from colonial-style, Cape Dutch architecture and rustic cottage furniture that I remember so fondly, especially from holidays spent in the rural town of Lady Grey in the Eastern Cape.    

So I guess the KRV style can best be described as a fusion between my beloved Yorkshire where I have returned home to, and my childhood years in Joburg.  

I set high standards for myself so every piece is lovingly created, and I know I have met my "Quality Standards" if I want to keep it, which happens with all of it!   (It generally takes me at least 3 days to talk myself out of keeping it!)

If you want a unique piece that has been lovingly restored and full of charm and elegance, then I may have something just for you!  

Please do get in touch if you'd like one of your pieces transformed.  Or, do you have an idea of what you want? Let me know, I will see if I can source it for you and we can work together to transform it into your forever piece.


Thanks for visiting my site and enjoy looking around!


Katy Rose 

Made in Sheffield

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