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The Story of "Ma's" Laces - Her response to the trauma of wartime 1914 - 1918

by Yvonne Brooksbank-Lienaux



"The 1914 - 1918 War is raging; Resistance is uppermost on everyone's mind."

"Resistance?" ... "of just one woman?"

 ... "Yes!"

"I'll tell of mind in LACE! ... our Flanders' feeling and craft par excellence".

Louise Lienaux-Vergauwe



Written by my Grandmother "Bobonne" in 2003, this is a unique little book dedicated to the memory of my Paternal Great-Grandmother "Bonmama", Louise Lienaux-Vergauwe; known to my Grandmother as "Ma".  


Born in 1890 in Ostend, Belgium, she had the good fortune to be brought up in Flanders, the Province of lace-making.  She had the misfortune, however, to be subjected to German occupation during the two World Wars.


She produced, as a result, the fine, extraordinary laces which embody all her emotional response, agony and energy.  After the Second World War, she never made another lace.


This book is the story of those Laces, written by my "Bobonne", Yvonne Brooksbank-Lienaux in 2003.


The laces can be seen today, by request, at the 

Musee Communaux

Dept. Dentelles et Art

Rue de la Violette



Due to high demand, the Brooksbanks have had more books printed.  

If you are interested in purchasing one or would like more information, please contact Mr K Brooksbank:


Books cost £15 each plus post & packaging


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Guild [gild] noun

a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, especially one formed for mutual aid or protection.

 synonyms: fellowship, order, sisterhood (yeah!), sorority, league, society.

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