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December holiday project: Pine Farmhouse kitchen table & 4 chairs

This must be the longest awaited completion in the history of Katy Rose Vintage! This Classic Farmhouse pine kitchen table was one of my first purchases when I decided to launch the business in 2014 and despite it being in my kitchen in FULL reminder that it needed restoring, I have only finally completed it. Heaven only knows why it has taken me so long. I have ignored it in preference for digging out something right at the back of the shed (totally inaccessible), making life far harder for myself. There must be some psychological explanation/term for this sort of behaviour. But hey ho, it was my project for the Christmas break and I was under strict instruction (from myself) to complete the dang thing and not to even THINK about starting a different project until this one was complete!!

So it is with great pleasure that I can say that with a bit (LOT) of elbow grease it is now complete: the top has been steel-wooled and waxed and the legs have been painted in beige-hues, subtly sanded and waxed. The 4 chairs have been steel-wooled to take the wood back to a lovely colour, the legs have been painted in beige to match the table.

I have opted for a less distressed look for this project which is different from my normal style as I felt the simplicity of a solid paint worked well in contrast to the grain of the wood. I am really pleased with this traditional, timeless farmhouse table; solid pine throughout, moulded edge with turned Victorian style legs.

It is now listed on my etsy page

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