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This Weekend's Projects

I was really pleased when I awoke to beautiful sunshine on Saturday morning! Lots of projects to get underway outside... So with plenty of sunshine to get the coats of paint to dry quickly, I was on a role! With shorts and t-shirt on (yes the weather is better now than in the Summer) I had the "help" i.e. lay around a lot of the cats who luckily managed not to get any paint spilt on themselves!

The lovely pine console table and little rocking chair delivered to a very happy customer on Monday who has been very kind and sent me a before and after pic...

Little kiddies chairs in "Valentino" duck egg and "Giselle" ballet pink all ready and packed up to make their way to Heeley Bank Antiques Centre.

Captain's chairs almost complete, just need to steel wool and wax the unpainted wood.

Long may the sunshine continue!

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